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Druids of Avalon

Celtic FireThe Grail KingDeep MagicSilver Silence

Dear Reader:

Did you ever wonder who forged the sword Excalibur? Or how the Holy Grail came to be associated with Arthur, King of the Britons? Or whether the Druid isle of Avalon was a real place?

I did. My passion for Arthurian legend and Celtic lore - and my imaginings of who King Arthur's ancestors may have been - inspired me to create my Druids of Avalon series. The Druids of The Grail King, Deep Magic, Silver Silence, and Celtic Fire are ancestors to a great king - but they have their own stories as well, full of adventure, danger, love, and magic. The men and women of the Druids of Avalon are ancestors to a great king - but they have their own

Who are the Druids of Avalon? In my story world, they're a clan of Celtic shamans who were forced to abandon their sacred isle when the Roman conquerors outlawed the practice of Druidry in Britain. Two generations later, a handful of those who survived the purge, along with their children and granchildren, secretly return to Avalon and begin the painstaking task of reclaiming their lost power. During the years of exile, the identity of the Celts have become inextricably entwined with those of the Romans living in Britain, and the union of these two fascinating and diverse cultures has given rise to a new people. They call themselves not "Celt" or "Roman," but British. It is no longer so easy to determine friend or enemy simply by knowing his heritage.

And so the story begins. I hope you enjoy it!


Celtic Fire

Deep Magic

Silver Silence


After generations of persecution, the Druids have returned to Avalon...

Druids of Avalon, Keepers of the Light

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