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The Night Everything Fell Apart
(October 04, 2016)
ISBN-10: 194101701

They appear human

The Nephilim, demon descendants of fallen angels and human women, walk among us. These powerful beings play a deadly game, battling for control of fractured Nephil magic and the mastery of the human race.

He should be dead

Arthur Camulus is the heir of Merlin Ambrosius, the most powerful Nephil ever to walk the Earth. Merlin’s vision—a world in which Nephilim and humans live in peace—is a radical notion, one Arthur has risked everything for. But the ancient magic he’s inherited from his ancestor is too strong. It’s driving him insane and threatening the balance of power on Earth. Forces both dark and light seek his destruction.

She’s his one link to sanity

The moment Cybele Herne saw the grieving boy the Druid clan alpha brought to Texas from England, she knew he was different. Seven years later, Arthur is her best friend and lover. But if he can’t tame his power, and defeat their enemies, Cybele’s dormant Nephil magic will be usurped by rivals. She’ll live out her life as a thrall.

With time running short, Arthur and Cybele search for a way out of the maze of treachery. One fateful night, a beacon of hope appears. But when Arthur reaches for it, the forces of Heaven and Hell collide.

And everything falls apart.

Starred Review! “Unique and exciting paranormal romance.” BlueInk/Booklist

5 Stars! “Veteran author Joy Nash spins a fast-paced tale of partnership, loyalty, betrayal, lust, good, and evil.” SelfPublishing Review

4 Stars/Hot!“The first in Nash's Nephilim series is a rollicking good time.”  RT BookReviews

“Energetic prose drives this supernatural, erotic romance.” Kirkus Reviews

“Appealing dark fantasy.” Foreword/Clarion Reviews


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