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Deep Magic
A Druids of Avalon Novel, Book 3
Montlake Romance (January 01, 2008)
ISBN-10: 1477835768

Winner, The Romance Studio’s Psyche Award, 2008

Hidden away on a misty isle, steeped in the teachings of The Lady, they used enchantment to stem the tide of the invaders while battling a still darker enemy.

Primordial power, older than Light and Dark magic. Dangerous. Unpredictable. Forbidden. A power no human can tame.

One woman will try. She is Gwendolyn -- Druidess, Daughter of the Lady. She fears her Light alone is not strong enough to protect Avalon from its enemy.

Marcus Aquila -- Roman, blacksmith, hater of magic. To banish his sister's terrifying premonitions, Marcus barters his skills to a tempting Druidess he dares not trust.

Together, they create Exchalybur. Dangerous. Unpredictable. Forbidden. A weapon no human can command.

One woman will try.

» Four Stars! “Nash follows The Grail King with a love story that completely envelops the reader in a magical world. Skilled at merging reality with Druid legend, she illuminates a dark age with fiery passions, political complexities, and an enchanting story…” ~ Kathe Robin, RT BOOKReviews Magazine, January 2008 issue (posted 2/08)

» "Nash's Druids of Avalon series is neatly ticking off the trappings of the Arthurian legend. The first book - The Grail King - dealt with the Holy Grail, of course, while Deep Magic explores the creation of the sword Exchalybur and how it wound up in that lake anyway. While this new twist on the legend is interesting, the love story remains front and center. And it is a good one… If you're looking for a setting and a storyline with something different, I heartily recommend Deep Magic." ~ Cheryl Sneed, All About Romance ~ Read the whole review (posted 2/08)

» "I’ve been a fan of Joy Nash ever since I read Celtic Fire a few years ago and I was eager to read her latest book, Deep Magic. Everything I’ve come to expect from her stories is once again found here. Passionate love stories, powerful magic, danger and intrigue, wounded souls, redemption – Deep Magic has it all. Here Joy Nash even delves into the beginnings of another story I’ve always loved, that of Excalibur…If you are a fan of powerful magic and compelling romance in your stories to read, then Deep Magic is a book for you. What’s even better is there is so much to tell about the Druids of Avalon, we can be guaranteed more stories set in this land of magic where blending cultures and beliefs is the norm." ~ Kelley A. Hartsell, CK2 Kwips & Critiques ~ Read the whole review (posted 2/08)

»Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5! "I’ve been anxiously waiting for Deep Magic since the end of The Grail King.  It was wonderful to see the secondary characters [of The Grail King] and how their lives have progressed. I’ll be curious to see if Rhys will ever find happiness but I believe if Deeo Magic is any indication, Ms. Nash will have a wonderful story to come." ~ Ann, Romance Junkies ~ Read the whole review (posted 2/08)

»"Deep Magic only reinforces what a talented author Nash is… The story is strong, pulling the reader into the magical world Nash has fashioned. Her world-building allows the reader to walk into this Dark Age period, giving you strong history, lore and myth skillfully mixed and conjured to satisfy." ~ Deborah Macgillivray, Paranormal Romance Reviews~ Read the whole review (posted 2/08)

»"Ms. Nash has created a wonderful story. I was engrossed from the first page and found the book hard to put down. The chemistry between her main characters is in evidence from the first and at times, I found myself wanting to skip ahead to the ending to see if they would work out their differences, but found the journey to the end so delightful that I refrained from doing so. I love the way in which Ms. Nash took the familiar image of the Lady of the Lake and of Excalibur and added a new perspective on the creation of the sword. Ms. Nash makes her readers wonder whether or not such people existed and how much magic they controlled. I cannot wait to read her other books in the series and look forward to more adventures from the Druids of Avalon." ~ Paranormal Romance Writers/Fantasy Romance Writers ~ Read the whole review (posted 2/08)

» "Deep Magic is filled with the imagery and magic of Druids during the Roman Era. Gwendolyn is fiercely independent and looking for a way to both uphold her duties and find happiness. Marcus is a proud hard-working Roman who eschews the luxury he can afford in favor of manual work. Both are misunderstood by their families and find their individuality at odds with what is expected of them. Their romance is both forbidden and heartfelt. Strong, lyrical writing with well drawn settings and characters bring the story alive. Suspense and twists hold the reader’s attention and an intense ending make this a satisfying read. Deep Magic is an enchanting tale." ~ Jennell, Romance Reviews Today ~ Read the whole review (posted 2/08)

»4 Stars! "Joy Nash is back with another spellbinding tale sizzling with passion, action and intrigue: Deep Magic! …Nash is the natural successor to Marion Zimmer Bradley and Mary Stewart! Finely crafted, richly textured, intensely dramatic, and absolutely riveting, Deep Magic is a terrific paranormal historical romance that will hold you in thrall from the very first page." ~ Julie Bonello, Single Titles Reviews~ Read the whole review (posted 2/08)

» Five Hearts! “When I started Deep Magic, I hadn’t read The Grail King, which is the first in the Druids of Avalon series. I actually picked it up because I really loved her writing for the Immortals: The Awakening. I’m so glad I did, because I absolutely loved this story, and now I’m definitely going back and reading the first one. Not because I think I need to read it in order to understand anything in the story, I just want to get more of Joy Nash’s brilliant writing.” ~ Julia, The Romance Studio ~ Read the whole review (posted 12/07)

» "I agree that Joy Nash will remind the reader of Mary Stewart in Deep Magic, when she tells of a period in history steeped in mystery and magic, for Nash seems to be dabbling in magic herself…" " ~Lucele Coutts, NovelTalk ~ Read the whole review (posted 12/07)


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