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The Grail King
A Druids of Avalon Novel, Book 2
Lovespell (August 01, 2006)
ISBN-10: 0505526832

Romantic Times Reviewers' Choice, Best Historical Fantasy, 2006

All who dwelt in Avalon possessed the powers of the Old Ones. But only some were Keepers of the Light. One among them had darded to call upon the Deep Magic, conjuring a dark storm that boded ill for the people of Britannia...

The vision came upon him suddenly: a delicate Roman beauty materializing out of the swirling whiteness of the snow. Her appearance near his ruined Celtic village made no sense, but when the trance left him, she remained, demanding that he use his Sight to help her find a stolen grail. The last thing he intended was to use his gifts for the good of his enemy, yet something told him this innocent lass had the power to touch him, to bring warmth where there had only been coldness, and to heal his wounded heart.

» Five Roses! “A reader's smorgasbord of adventure, legend, sensuality, and romance. The book is filled with vivid details woven into an intriguing plot.” ~ Rho, A Romance Reader ~ Read the whole review (posted 12/06)

» Weaving Celtic and Druid lore within a rich historical tapestry, Joy Nash spins an innovative tale that's chock-full of conflict. The Grail King kicks off Nash's Druids of Avalon trilogy in grand fashion. Sensual, mystical and steeped in history, it will appeal to both paranormal romance readers and fans of Diana Gabaldon's OUTLANDER series.” ~Revision 14 Reviews ~ Read the whole review (posted 12/06)

» “The Grail King is a complex historical paranormal novel with an intricately woven plot that pulls all of these elements together into a delightful story. Readers will lose themselves in the pages of this book...” ~Tracy Zappal, Fantasy Romance Writers ~Read the whole review (posted 9/06)

» “Make sure you have plenty of free time before starting The Grail King by Joy Nash because you will not want to stop reading until reaching the stunning conclusion.” ~Kelley A. Hartsell, CK 2 S Kwips and Kritiques (posted 9/06)

» “This book is amazing...One can tell that author Joy Nash has spent much time researching her history and Celtic religion and mythology. The reader is poised on the knife-edge of a changing word, where Celtic history and rituals were sliding into the mists of legend and where Rome had once again conquered.   Against this splendid yet tense backdrop, two people from hugely different upbringings come together and find a legendary love.”   ~Brenda Thatcher, Mystique Books (posted 9/06)

» “Celtic myth and legend meet in this ancient tale of two civilizations trying to coexist. Twists and turns in the plot keep you guessing, the sizzling romance keeps you reading. Absolutely fabulous and definitely worth rereading. The perfect beginning for Joy Nash's trilogy.” ~Gina Scalera, Joseph-Beth Booksellers, Lexington Kentucky (posted 9/06)

» 4½ stars - A Romantic Times TOP PICK! "Not since Mary Stewart's Merlin Trilogy has the magic of Avalon flowed as lyrically off the pages. Nash captures the myths of the Druids in a fresh, exciting approach, delivering a tale that grabs hold of your heart and reaches deep into your soul."   ~Kathe Robin, RT BOOKreviews Magazine (posted 8/06)

» "The Grail King is a magnificent journey filled with adventure, magic, friendship, and honor that will make it difficult to put down until the end. It's a brilliantly written tale reminiscent of Bradley's Mists of Avalon, with its strong undertones of conflict between good and evil... Beautifully written with dynamic lead characters and several equally potent secondary players, The Grail King will pull readers into its magical hold right from the beginning. Don't miss this terrific novel!"   ~Jani Brooks, Romance Reviews Today (posted 8/06)

» “The Grail King is a sweeping saga of a dangerous time... Ms. Nash has made me a new fan.” ~Ann, Romance Junkies (posted 8/06)

» “Ms. Nash has woven a magical story in the dark and turbulent times of Druids and Romans.” ~Shayne Sawyer, Fresh Fiction (posted 8/06)


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