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“A fast-paced tale of partnership, loyalty, betrayal, lust, good, and evil.”
SelfPublishing Review


The Nephilim are among us…

They appear human...

The Nephilim, demon descendants of fallen angels and their human lovers, walk among us. Hunted by avenging archangels and zealot demon annihilators, these powerful beings have played a deadly game for five millennia. Now the battle among rival clans for control of fractured Nephil magic has breached the barrier between Earth and Hell. The human race is careening toward its ultimate doom.

The key to humanity’s salvation may be hidden in the lost magic of Merlin Ambrosius, the most powerful Nephil ever to walk the Earth. Will his descendant, Arthur Camulus of the Druid clan, discover a way to reverse humanity’s fate?

Or should we all just say one last prayer before the Apocalypse arrives?

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